2-Wire Intercom Switch


The INTIPPOE2W facilitates network & power for up to 6 2-wire intercom devices.

Product features:
• Facilitates network/power connectivity to 6 x 2-wire intercom devices
• Provides 24VDC power with a maximum power load of 80W
• Metal body with screws for surface mounting

*Note: You cannot daisy chain Door Stations or Intercom Monitors on this device - limit one intercom device to each 2-Wire terminal (up to a maximum of 6 intercom devices). Multiple INTIPPOE2W can be connected to allow for more that 6 devices.
Dimensions 178 x 85 x 30mm
Power Consumption Max consumption: 80W (under full load)
Voltage 24V
Weight 0.60kg
Working Temperature -10°C ~ +55°C
Warranty (Years) 4