The ultimate worksite Solar CCTV solution

See the full picture, wherever you go.

View multiple sites at once with SmartPSS for desktop & DMSS for phone.

View multiple sites at once.

The latest generation of Solar CCTV Systems from VIP Visionâ„¢ can deliver professional video surveillance to the most challenging of installation sites.

The system features the latest in 4G-enabled remote site surveillance, with advanced camera artificial intelligence and simplicity of installation & operation. The system offers comprehensive remote viewing options. View your site from almost any device, including iOS (iPhone & iPad), Android, PC & Mac software or web browser.

Receive instant mobile alerts via push notification.

With the free app, you can live view and play back at any time. If an alarm event is triggered, push notifications or emails with snapshots can be automatically sent to multiple recipients.

Complete solar surveillance systems.

Includes everything needed for self-sufficient surveillance.

LED Flood + Sensor

50W LED light (9400lm) with 360° motion & daylight sensors. Can be configured to only light up when needed, be dimmed or disabled entirely.

4MP PTZ Camera

Look around your entire site when required with pan, tilt & 4x optical zoom functions. See in total darkness up to 15m away with built-in infrared illumination (B/W).

Go beyond the basic workplace setup.
Solar Panel

120W solar panel with built-in 500Wh LiFePO4 battery to power the system for up to 3 days in cloudy conditions.

Pole & Base

Sturdy, galvanised hinged 4.5m metal pole with approx. 500kg concrete base.


Camera junction box and pole bracket with 4G wireless AP. *SIM card & service charges not included

Achieve site-wide CCTV coverage.

With remotely-operated, motorised pan-tilt-zoom camera control.

Capture Everything

Capture incredible images with the PTZ camera. This camera can easily cover entire sites and makes setting up a breeze. The 4 x lossless optical zoom lens allows you to capture finer details when required. The camera can be controlled remotely, allowing for easy image adjustment via smartphone or desktop application.

These sample timelapse videos use a reduced, 1.3MP (720p) resolution for web viewing, rather than the original, 4MP (1440p) high-definition footage.

Detail at a Distance

Remotely adjust the camera from wide angle view to a narrower view, to see enhanced image detail when required. At 4x lossless optical zoom, the camera has a narrow 32° field of view with greater image detail.

24/7 Recording

The camera features 24/7 continuous edge recording & uses a surveillance-grade micro SD card, automatically overwriting the oldest footage. A 256GB card can record over 7 days of footage at full resolution (the use of motion activation only can far extend this period.)

Generate Timelapse Videos

Set up the camera to automatically take intermittent snapshots over a preset period, which uploads them to your nominated cloud storage provider. You can then generate a video from them, using standard Windows 10 tools.

Advanced artificial intelligence functions.

With the ability to identify people & vehicles from other moving objects.

Recognise People & Vehicles

No more false alarms. The cutting-edge AI camera can tell people and vehicles apart from other moving elements (such as trees, birds, etc), ensuring alarms aren’t triggered needlessly during motion detection, tripwire or intrusion.

Virtual Tripwire Detection

The Tripwire smart motion function sends alerts when a person and/or vehicle crosses a virtual tripwire.

“I want to be alerted whenever a vehicle comes through the gate at the site.”

Virtual Intrusion Detection

The Tripwire smart motion function sends alerts when a person and/or vehicle enters a virtual fenced area.

“I want to know when a person or vehicle enters my jobsite out of hours.”

Easy installation with hinged pole

Lower the pole for easy camera access, no ladder required..

4 step installation

  1. Simply install the base on a hard flat surface
  2. Bolt the pole to the base
  3. Lower the hinged pole and connect the solar module & camera
  4. Raise the hinged pole and lock it in place

Solar Mount Pole

  • 4.5m tall hinged galvanised pole
  • No need for a ladder or working at heights

Solar Mount Base

  • Large heavy duty base ~500kg
  • Reinforcement for extra strength
  • Available assembled or un-assembled

Take full control of your construction site.

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The VIP Vision Complete Solar CCTV System includes everything necessary for remote solar surveillance.

  • 120W Monocrystalline Silicon Solar Panel with 500Wh LiFePO4 battery
  • VIP Vision Pro Series 4.0MP Mini AI PTZ Dome Camera
  • Solar CCTV Pole Bracket Assembly for pole mounting
  • 256GB Surveillance-Grade MicroSD Card for edge recording
  • 150Mbps 4G LTE Wireless Access Point (SIM not included)
  • VIP Vision professional video management software for local viewing
  • Remote view from anywhere via VIP Vision apps for phone & tablet

Smartphone & PC not included

See what VIP Vision can do for your business

See what VIP Vision can do for your business

We have a network of VIP Vision dealers Australia-wide, well versed in small to large surveillance applications.

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