Traffic Cameras

Specially designed for vehicle surveillance, Traffic Series number plate bullet cameras are designed to reliably capture vehicle identification information in controlled environments such as parking facilities & building gates.

Go one step further with optional Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) models, creating intelligent systems that can recognise and catalogue number plates and use them for auditing and security automation.

Series Features

Stream up to Full HD

Capture footage at Full HD 1080p (1920 x 1080) resolution.

Clear Footage, Always

Low light colour performance, True WDR & auto white balance.

Edge Enhancement

Image adjusts to balance brightness & increase sharpness.

ANPR Technology

Automatic number plate recognition reads & stores plates.

Edge Recording

Record at the edge with microSD card storage up to 128GB.

Efficient Video Coding

H.265 encoding saves up to 50% on bandwidth and storage.

Specially designed for number plate capture.

Capture crucial vehicle evidence at all hours with edge enhancement and low light recording.

All Traffic Series cameras are purpose built to handle challenging lighting conditions & enhance important number plate data.

Automatic Number-Plate Recognition (ANPR) models go even further by capturing the plate image, processing the text & logging the information with time & video data. This not only assists with footage playback, but also can be integrated with data lists to perform functions such as automatically opening a boom gate.

Sharpness & Clarity at All Hours

Deliver image clarity in challenging lighting conditions with edge enhancement, 0.005lx min. illumination and impressive True WDR (140dB).

Number Plate Capture & Logging

Traffic Series cameras can utilise intelligent ANPR algorithms to capture and record vehicle number plates in less than a second.

Automate Vehicle Entry Points

Integrate ANPR with barriers to control and monitor car park access, for example automatically open for vehicles with number plates registered in a white list.

Product specifications vary by model. See individual product pages for details.

Product Range