Residential 2-Wire Intercom Series

Perfect for intercom upgrades

Upgrade intercom systems over existing 2-wire infrastructure

The 2-wire Residential IP Video Intercom is the perfect upgrade solution to your old intercom or door bell system. Upgrade and experience a multitude of modern intercom features, all using your existing two-wire infrastructure.

Replace old systems

Re-use existing 2-wire cabling for new installations.

Easily upgrade existing intercoms or doorbells to a VIP Vision IP Intercom System using the existing 2-wire infrastructure.

  • Install new indoor monitors and door stations easily
  • Integrate door strikes & sensors into the new system
  • Call all monitors at once from single door station.

Network control

Use 2-wire cable systems over existing networks.

Using the 2-Wire Intercom Network Controller, the intercom system can be taken online, allowing for mobile functionality via smartphone app.

  • Connect up to 4 x 2-wire intercom devices
  • Connects intercom system to the Internet for remote unlocking, recording and remote view via app
  • Provides 24VDC power to door stations (max. 30W)

Mobile access

Gain entry and view visitors via smartphone app.

Gain access to your home and answer the door from anywhere with the free smartphone app. View and converse with visitors as if you were right at home.

  • Integrate phones into the system as an access method
  • Remotely ask couriers to drop off packages
  • Check for potential intruders with remote view

Residential 2-Wire series example installation

System Map

With remote connectivity

The VIP Vision 2-Wire Intercom System can quickly upgrade an existing 2-wire door bell or intercom unit. Add up to four 2-wire devices and remote connectivity with your smartphone by using the network controller.

Without remote connectivity

The 2-Wire intercom system can be fitted without network connectivity. However, this system will not be able to be accessed remotely.

Product specifications vary by model. See individual product pages for details.

Product Range